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Academic leadership
Senior Administration

Samuel Hoi, President
Kerry Walk, Provost
Randall Lavender, Vice Provost
William Schaeffer, Vice President of Administrative and Financial Services
Mike Brennan, Interim Vice President of Institutional Advancement
Dana Lopez, Vice President of Human Resources & Development
Laura Kiralla, Assistant Vice President for Student Success and Dean of Student Affairs
Yvette Sobky, Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid


Andrew Armstrong, Director of Technical Support Services
John P. Axtell, Assistant Director of Communications
Megan Clarke, Chief Information Officer
Karen Girton-Snyder, Assistant Provost
Felipe Gutierrez, Director of Academic Computing
Jessika Huerta, Director of Financial Aid
Kristi Kraemer, Director of Development
Meg Linton, Director of Galleries and Exhibitions
Sue Maberry, Director of Library
Anna Manzano, Registrar
Claude Nica, Chief Facilities and Operations Officer
Monique Ramsey, Director of Student Accounts
Margi Reeve, Director of Communications
Ed Schoenberg, Special Assistant to the President for Student Success
Barbara Tecle, Director of Purchasing
Jody Timm, Acting Controller
Megan K. Clarke, Chief Information Officer